Student job: Teaching and Research Associate

Teaching and Research Associate (PhD Fellowship)The Institute for Interactive Marketing and Social Media ( is led byProfessor Nadia Abou Nabout (,and invites applications for a position as a Teaching and Research Associate starting in autumn 2021.About the Institute:The Institute for Interactive Marketing & Social Media (IMSM) aims at being a leading institution forresearch and education in the area of digital marketing. The rapid growth of digital technologies andsocial media has a profound impact on consumer behavior, leading to radically new businesses andchallenging incumbents to adapt their marketing strategies. Our goal is to do research that focuses on new business problems and groundbreaking innovations arising from developments in information technology. We use empirical data (mostly in the form of "big data") and apply quantitative methods to tackle and solve these problems in order to ultimately make better marketing decisions and realize more desirable outcomes for firms and consumers.Your responsibilities:We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual with a desire to embark on an academic career. You will join a vibrant and ambitious team of internationally minded academics aspiring to the highest standards of research and teaching. Collaboration with other members of the university and our international network will be actively supported. Regarding the substantive focus, we seek an individual conducting cutting-edge research in the fields of digital marketing and social media. Developments in information technology have increased access to large-scale data on consumer behavior, which we use in our projects to help firms make better marketing decisions (“data-driven marketing”). Current focus areas for which we seek applications include:- programmatic advertising- (digital) advertising effectiveness- social media marketing- field experiments and quasi-experimental designs- machine learning in marketingYou can learn more about these focus areas and our current research projects here: will also be welcome to pursue your research ideas related to these topics and will be working on your own independent research activities (i.e. dissertation/PhD). Your work should eventually beaimed at helping companies make better marketing decisions – it is empirical in nature and typicallylocated at the interface of information systems and marketing. For you to succeed, WU Vienna offers a well-structured, three-year PhD-Program ( overview), which is designed to deepen your methodological and analytical skill set and encourages international exchange. In addition, our Institute conducts recurring doctoral seminars with a focus on improving ongoing research projects.Finally, you will also be teaching your own course in our bachelor program( starting in the summerterm 2022.Your profile:You have an outstanding master degree (or equivalent qualification) in economics, management,information systems, business engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics, or computer science (or a related field) with a strong focus on quantitative topics such as (quantitative) marketing, econometrics, operations research, or finance. We expect
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